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I have alot of things I would like to do; when I was a child, architecture was something I was interested in. Today, it's watching NASA.

LOVE by ArtsyBee


It's for your glory!

At last my soul is at its best work,

I can relax in my shadow that's right by my side.

Oh glory, my Lord, oh why would they use the word forsake me?

Was it because I searched your face?

I pondered the road that you traveled,

I leapt at the sound of your powerful domain,

Expecting my desire to be the same.

There I go again, my mind is stayed on you!

Lord, I got no where else to go,

You made me see that you were true.

My life, my earth, my fortitude,

Your life, your death, your resurrection!

You came to be a son beyond,

Anything that I can fathom; reality.

Your shining star, I won't let go,

Your more than a nugget of gold.

You are a light that shines in the night,

It's far and near,

More of who you are,

I like to know!

Some things are meant to be, then not,

So...there's likes and then there's love.

And likes is two parts equal,

If likes get attention and love gets lost.

A Couple! by SusanLu



Whose to say who likes like, not love?

Likes might lean more towards fear.

After a rudiment of a glass ceiling,

Does it come to “Then love's not”.

(Read Revelation 3:20).

But love is purpose, there then,

Love's not lost!

Cover love because it covers a world of sin,

That you try to put me in.

I won't go to extremes you want to put me through,

With you when you are better at lose.

Let wisdom in song tell it,

God never fails.

© 2022 Patty Florence

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