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Love is the Blessing of God

I am a software engineer but I'm found of writing my thoughts. Hub pages is a fantastic sight to fulfill my hobby.



How much i know love is this

when you fall in love, take or feel it special !

Do not ask for any question and answer

asking what, how, when from love

is like disrespect love. Hand over yourself

to it and grab its finger and move where ever

it will let you.

Just stay silent and start moving with it.

Sometimes, you will get handsome and heart grabbing arena

sometimes, very harsh and fearful that will hurt you a lot.

Just trust upon it and stay silent.

Otherwise, it will get upset and will turn its face and shut the doors over you.

But if you stay patient, it will stay with you always.


Love is Human nature and is very precious. It was from beginning, still is and will exist till the final day. Feelings of love even also prevail in animals and birds, almost among every creature on Earth. Love does not occurs, it happens. Love does not ask for two, its a feeling. People in love either stay or not but the feelings between them will always stay alive fresh in them. Its the blessing of God. The care between a couple for each other is very precious and not everyone can afford it. Just trust and love it.

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