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Love is Sacred

I am a graphic designer by profession and loves to read and write in my free time. I have a keen interest in writing poetries.


Love is not the way you love,

Love is too deep to feel

If you know love, you beautiful boy,

You should know by now that my love for you is so pure and so sweet.

Love is not something you'd play with,

It is something you'd die for,

If you know love, my love

then you'd be the luckiest person among all.


Love is not lust that you seek,

Love is too pure and sacred to be yours,

Love is when I saw you the very first time

And all along I knew that you are mine and I am yours.

For you to be in love,

Will take alot of time

By then, maybe I have moved on

But you'd still be the love of my life.

© 2021 Parul Rawat

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