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Love Is Like Death

I love poems and creative work especially fictional based content.


It grows unannounced,

Savaging the shortlived connection,

His looks, his body, his aura,

Deceitfully, captures her breath,

She won't realize, at first,

Until she favors him above all else.

She is sane enough,

To realize,

Emotion is for the weak,

Atleast that's the world she lives in,

She craves to be vulnerable,

To love and be loved,

But she a villain,

a lover to an emotionless man.

He is cunning, more so deceitful,

For he knows he's charming,

He powers over his lovers,

Unatttached, he draws her in,

He feasts on her weakness,

And when he's done he spits her out.

She is grieving, for her love lost,

Letting go of her unattached lover,

The pain, although not so deep,

Has her soul adoned in black,

She knows it fades, she knows she'll grow,

And when he's back to find her,

She will be way above his reach,

She realizes, love lost,

is as painful as death itself.

© 2022 Matilda Mumbua

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