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Love Is Great, Love's Not Any Cost.

Writing is my passion. Gardening is my love. Teaching is my hobby. Thinking is my power.

What is love.

Giving roses,
let's give me even a kiss.
I have given you a heart,
now give me love too.

Love doesn't mean this man. Love is not a diamond that anyone will buy.
Love has been created by God,
only he knows its secret.

Love begins with the eyes. And lasts till the last moment of life.
Love has no desire,
love has no age.

Love starts from a window, or from a wrong place. There is no limit to when love will happen.

Learn to love flowers.
Learn to love insect moths. Learn to love the bird,
or learn from nature.

Saw the flowers,
blooming together,
and then withering together.

When it rains,
all the insect moths hover near the light.
When it was morning,
the dead would meet.

Look at the bird, build a house together,
lay eggs, have children,
then both raise them together.

The love of nature is also unique,
glimmering with a light breeze in the morning,
and fluttering by the evening. His love is human.

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