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Love is Unfathomable

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Six years old child

And his father was

By the side of

The dug trench

The child turned to

His father and said

This is very deep

Because he hasn’t seen

Something like that before

His father replied that

It is true, but

This is not as deep as love

“Wow!” Father he exclaimed

“So love is deeper

Than this?” He asked

Looking at his father

Yes, son, he replied

“I will like to

See the depth of

Love one day to know how deep it is”

Will you take me

To love to see

How deeper it is

And arrive at my conclusion

This is because I

Don’t want to base

My statement and reactions

On what you have told me

Because he thought love

Is a thing that

Can be seen like

The trench he said this to his father

His father replied him

Love is not lie

This trench that you

Are seeing physically

How then do you

Know that it is

Deeper if it is

Not visible like this trench he asked

Love can only be

Seen when it is

Expressed and it is

Via that, that we know how deep it is

Even then any deepest

Thing anyone can see

Or talk about

In the world

The son looks confused

As the father adds that

As you grow you

Will understand better

On this the son

Rest his case as

He keeps growing, though

With the thought inside

Him that he will

One day see love

And would know how

Deep it is.

Early during his teenage

Days, that he was on

Vacation, the family went

To the beach

When he was alone

With his father he

Recalled when they were

Together years back

And asked again

Father is love as

Deep as seas? Because

From our studies of

Geography in school

We are taught that

Oceans and seas are

Very deep. His father

Again replied that

Love is deeper than

Seas and oceans. Its

Depth is unfathomable he

Replied his darling son

“Wow!” Exclaimed he in

Surprise again as he

Did years back “I

Need to know this love”, he said

By and by you

Shall understand what I

Am saying it remains

A little while for thee to understand


Again, he let the

Matter rest but kept

The word close to

His heart, “It remains a little” for me to understand

Months after this, this

Guy developed interest in

A lady he tried

His best to suppress

His feelings for this

Lady but he finds

It difficult because the

More he wants to

The more he discovers

That he always wishes

To be by the side

Of the lady

He was always imagining

Them being together. The

Burning desire for her

Could not be suppressed again

AS he chat the lady

Up. Their equation became

Balanced because the lady

Herself has daily been

Dreaming of being with

Him. They continued to

Play their love albeit

Secretly from public spectacle

And most importantly from

Their parents spectacle. Since

Their parents did not

Know anything about their involvement

Their case was not

Incorporated into their decisions

When they want to

Send them errands.

Many times they have

Sent them errands that

Would clash with the

Time they planned to meet

When these happen the

Duo would maneuver themselves

Out of the errand

That day to honor their date

They started giving it

All it takes for the

Growth and sustenance of

Their love for each other

The father of the

Guy noticed changes in

His son’s reaction and

He desires to know what’s up

Therefore, he deliberately

He fixed a journey

With his son, the journey

Would take them out

Of their abode for

Months. He did this

Because he knows his

Son’s hubbies, that

One of his hobbies

Is traveling, knowing places.

But the son would

Turn down the offer

His father insisted that

He cannot just turn

Down the offer when

It is not as if he would be busy at home

If he has a genuine

Evidence for not wishing

To travel with him

He should say it

But if there is

No genuine evidence, he

Is going with him

His father conclusively said

The son discovers that

If he did not

Tell his father about

His relationship, then he would go with his father

He told his father

About his involvement with

The lady for a while

And the relationship is getting serious

After he said this,

His father told him

That he has noticed

That for a while

For that was the

Reason behind his fixing

The trip so that

He would know the truth

And would not base

His thought on mere

Assumptions. Now that you

Have been experiencing love

You can see that

Depth of love. You

Will discover that love

Is deeper than the trench

It is even deeper

Than the oceans and

Seas to some measurable

Degree as I have said before

Its depth cannot be

Determined, it cannot be

Measured by any known

Human instruments in the world

A lover can do

Anything for love

A lover can give all

For love. Lovers can even give their lives

For their love. But

This cannot be done

By oceans and seas

For they cannot be emptied

For anything neither anyone

In the world. or

Do you think they

Can be emptied for anyone?

The son replied No,

They cannot be emptied

For anyone. But a lover

Can do this.

Therefore, the wisest king

Who ever lived said,

When a lover does

This he would “be contemned” by people

Because they cannot fathom

Why he was doing

That for it is

A mystery, love is a mystery.

Love’s unfathomable depth makes

God’s Son to give

His life for the

Redemption of humanity

This unfathomable depth of

Love makes it difficult

For anyone to predict

The way of eagle in air

The way of serpent

Upon the rock and

The way of ship

In the midst of the seas

Love is in the

Heart, love is in

The mind, Love is

In the eyes

It cannot be seen

Neither can its depth be

Measured but by their

Actions you can say something about love

That someone has been

Subsumed in love or

That the person has

No love.

Now, I know you

Understand that is why

I said, by and by

You will understand

The son replied that

He now understands that

Love’s depth is indeed



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