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Love is Unexpected

- BSED- ENGLISH- 2 College Student. - Living with a purpose. - Ambassadors of God.

Love is unexpected

It started with a simple "Hello"

For I want to destruct that mind of you

As you comfort me in my sorow

The tears began to fall as if on cue.

Your voice can capture one's heart

Your kindness can break through my wall

Even though we were apart

You never fail to make my day whole.

I don't know who you are
I don't know how you look alike

I don't know how you've come that far

All I know is that you were like a psych.

You taught me how to be brave and bold

I know some things that I cannot forget

Building relationships and uphold

You, being part of my life is the thing I won't regret.

© 2022 Crismar Basa Espigol

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