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Love is Like an Enthusiastic Dancer

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


1. Dancers move right and

Left, for ‘tis the

Common style of dancing

For all and sundry

2. In the dark about

How to fit in

To the music being

Aired, just move right-left

3. Doing this will save

You from embarrassment and

Everyone will think you

Know how, but pretending

4. She has been playing

Along all this while

And people thought she

Was in love with someone

5. But as a dancer

She has just been

Moving right and left

To save her face

6. She was discovered at

Her hiding place by

A guy who removed

The veil she was using


7. She decided not to

Resist him further ‘cos

No one has gotten

Close to that level

8. She started playing her

Love with him like

An enthusiastic dancer does

Dance on dancing floor

9. A zealous dancer to

A music being played

Is known when his

Palm is turned to fist

10. At this point the

Dancer is perceived by

All to have entered

A deeper realm of dancing

11. After she has been

Unveiled, where ever she is

She proudly reveals her

New found love to all

12. She calls and tests

Her lover putting him

Always at the forefront

Of whatever she’s doing

13. She’s entered the real

Lover’s dancing floor

And she’s determined to

Give it all it takes

14. To retain her lover

And to make her

Love sink into his

Cerebral cortex for ever.


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