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Love Is Like a Prime Number

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Talents of many a one have been killed and buried in our land, because they do not have wherewithal to showcase such to the world...


1. She is the number

One in his life

She also is the

Last number in there

2. She has been alone

From her youthful days

No companion, no friend

She delights in this

3. She used to wonder

What some find in any

Form of relationship because

To her it's vain

4. Any form of Relationship

Neither opposite nor Same

Sex relationship does not

Appeal to her senses


5. No pleasure in all

These she used to

Say, the only pleasure

Is you enjoy yourself

6. Eat well for what

You eat is your

Only benefit in this

Vanity world she reasons

7. Sleep well, to have

New strength and vigor

For other activities at

Other days, she opined

8. Since she gave no

Thought for those Carnal

Relationships, for to her

Affairs is n’thing but carnal

9. She interacts with all

Sex on the same

Platform no libido stimulation

Neither sexual hormone surge

10. She has been undisturbed

By all these sexual

Desires that people cry

And kill themselves on

11. One day she saw

An opposite sex among

The crowd, something rushed

Through her body systems

12. Instantly she knows this

Is un-usual for such

Has never happened to

Her afore, no never

13. Not since she has

Come of age and

Could decipher evil from

Good had such happen’d

14. The guy too felt

Same but both allows

The water to silently

Flow under the bridge


15. From then she grew

Restless desiring than ever

To see this opposite

Sex again ‘n’ again

16. The guy too desires

To see the damsel

As if they had calculated

Their timing, met again

17. At the same spot

At the same hour

Coincidental again both thinks

And passed by themselves

18. On the third occasion

Of seeing at the same

Spot, and hour they

Seize opportunity to talk

19. Coming closer makes their

Heartbeats to beat faster

Than before greet themselves

The barrier was broken

20. That was how they

Started, exchanged cell numbers

And makes the spot

And hour always memorable

21. Since then, she thence

Becomes number one in

His life and the

Last figure standing there

22. She is only divisible

By herself and this

Number but no other

Number could fit therein.


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