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Love Poems in the Distance

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Passionates in the distance

There once existed thousands of cybernetic seconds ago, a man and a woman. And it so happened that both of them met in a formal internet room, they interacted with their serious faces at all times.

Then, later, fate decided to lead them down a beautiful path of friendship. An erotic tone paled with pleasure, and was impregnated with distant letters, sent to the gallant who watched her from the distance of the sea of ​​thoughts.

When the man read the woman's messages, the heat fanned him like dry firewood. Pink-skinned, he turned totally red, a tomato was paler than him.
The woman insinuated herself shamelessly, but the distance was accentuated even more.

Both crossed barriers, and the imaginative mind, being more powerful than reality, overcame the facts, making the virtual pair of lovers tangible.

Crazed by seconds of passion, their lyrics gave intense fire. The paragraphs of the woman in love and the man were hot and distant skin.

The passionate man at first asked for erotic sensuality, but after satiating his mental instinct and possessing the woman's distant feminine body...

He felt guilty, since she was married. He imagined that everything was real, such was the sensation that the letters of the fiery woman exerted. Regret arose like a mountain grows like the second millenniums...

Time passed and the friendship recovered, and a little tingling touches the woman's skin, sometimes, but she remains firm, in her position. She sometimes thinks she sees a mischievous look in yesterday's photo, but then she stops and drinks a glass of cold water.


It hurts me not to love you.

It hurts me not to love you.
The spaces of the levitating clouds are empty.
The intoxicating enigmas of your absent centuries are silent.
The foggy windows cleared.

I see clearly the panorama of present life.
Imple reasons are the logic of the whole.
Links are crooked and in uneven colors
mind tones are framed.

It hurts me not to love you,
because before I loved you so much,
that in each hanging minute,
there was you, only you.
It hurts me not to love you,
because I am now an ice robot,
and before it was golden sky fire.

White coldness and stillness
rules the colorless rainbow,
in which my days and my nights end.
Silence adorns time
and I slip into its jaws.

The bustle premieres each roar of heartbreak,
and the folly of the insane world persecutes me!
Submerged pure feelings in anxiety.
Indifferent dreams of past love come to the surface.


Glow of love

The sun slides at high speed in a rotating manner.
It breaks down in the space of your wandering soul.
Constant love of taciturn and sad stars,
you are in the melodies impregnated with rain.

In the sky, covered with broken dreams,
in the scattered atoms of magic dreams,
and in the atmosphere of mutual rapture.

In the portal of the chimeras of our minds,
our meetings are fruitful.
Your kisses of light kiss my lips.
Your ethereal hands touch my body,
forever, eternally,

The incandescence of silver clouds of wishes,
rests in the stillness of a poem in love,
that faints without your presence.
That twists in your essence.

Branches of violets turn green,
in the wake of my versatile emotions.
They are disturbing aftermath
of my emotions and your desires.

The dimensions of a life without love,
they fit into the spaces of your universe of tenderness.
Imprinting a diamond eternity without bitterness,
on the confines of reality and passion.

Our love moves
and it will move recurring in the galaxy;
where each star will illuminate it and will disintegrate it,
like frosts of gold.
Dimly spreading over the face of the universe,
and dressing the magical verses with luminosity.


Tonight I want to be in your dreams

I love to feel you in the distance of your letters,
like a diaphanous knight,
from a distant castle.
O poet of my dreams!
Take this poem and put it on your lips.
It's a sweet and pure kiss,
made with sighs and reflections of the sunset.

Now let's walk, holding hands
and let's enter that garden of verses.
Look at me very closely,
and give me an imaginary hug.
Take me in your arms
and take me to that river of dreams.

Let us swim in its waves of distant fire.
Feel the heat run through your body...
Feel the magic of this poem,
made with clouds and letters.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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