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Love Hurts, Indeed!

"Love hurts"

Have you ever loved someone without being hurt?
Well, if you tell me you did, then I say, "That's absurd"
Because those who have loved were left embittered
For if you decided to love, you are inclined to suffer

Suffer from physical affliction
Just like when Jesus died from crucifixion
Getting weary caused by extreme exhaustion
Just like when Jesus carried His cross for our Salvation

Being emotionally distressed
Just like when Jesus was denied by those who were gutless
Seeing His mother and friends in deep grief and loneliness
And His children being rude and reckless

Once you love, be prepared for being offended and cheated
Even Jesus was betrayed by whom He trusted
Mocked by those he loved and regarded
But still He chose to love and save them from the sins they've committed

Love comes with great sacrifice
For even the Almighty God offered His Son's life
And Jesus, the Son, willingly took our sins and was crucified
To give us another chance of having an eternal life

Once you decided to love God and His Son, Jesus
Please love them the way They loved us
Don't get tired of convincing people who tend ro fuss
Be loyal and faithful, even if loving Him hurts

Rocks thrown into you which hardly smashed
Huge waves which roughly flow and splash
To Jesus, you remain steadfast
For you love Him, the way He loved us

Now, you tell me that love does not hurt at all
Then I'll say you go and read the Bible
In there, you'll find the most powerful love above all
The love that despite of being repeatedly broken, still remains strong and whole

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