Love Gone Sour

Updated on July 31, 2019
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Leah is personally an artist.She loves Poetry .She expresses her thoughts and feelings through forming artistic words metaphorically.


A fayway was formed

A Love so strong

Not even a dare could break it

A Wall so concrete

Not even an earthquake could shake it

Great times were encountered

Great moments were experienced

Great stages were undergone

Great significance was made

You were my Heart beat

You were my Happiness

You were my Motivation

You were just you

Though sometimes i expected perfection from you

It was never to be cause i fell in deep endearment with you

Never did i ever want you to ever change

Cause you were just great the way you are

But why Bebs!

Where were you when i needed you the most?

In a twinkle of an eye

The deep affection started fading away

But why did you stop caring

Where did you go?

Why did you have to let me go?

Why? Why?Why?

Were we not supposed to be Romeo and Juliet?

Did you not promise to hold my arms till the end?

Did you not promise to light the flashlights for me?

What happened to me being the girl of your dreams?

What about our book of existence?

I guess we will both have to close it then

Yes am the one who left

But then i really did not want to go

You treated me like Trash

I just felt that a change was needed

If it had been you making the decision

What decision would you have made?

So many sleepless nights i had because of you

So many migraines i got because of you

My dignity vanished just like that

My soul went along with you

I even lost my Techno camon cx cause of you

All that am left with

Is a cold-heated,lonely,broken,hovering spirit

But anyway love is just love

It can bloom till the end

It can wither with a click

It can wilt when deprived

It is so unexplainable

It robs us away our feelings

At some point its a wonderful experience

Other times its a sheep in a wolf's clothing

But anyway wherever.........

Fayway was still going to be

Our endearment so strong still it was

Our affection still running deep

Mine still does what of yours


Am i doing the right thing?

Is it worth it?

Does he really cherish me the way i do for him

Does he really care about me the way i do for him

Did he ever love me really?

Should i have never left?

Should he be once again a part of my life?

What am i supposed to do

When all i feel is just confusion

Deep within is a love running so deep

But then out scope no existence is felt

The best thing one can do

Is to just lay back one's head

And just let bygones be bygones

Just let life create its own tale

Not all that was meant to be becomes to be

People make mistakes

But if made twice that's a choice made

Am not perfect

You are not perfect

We were not perfect

I truly did fall for you

I truly felt you

You were truly a great part of me

Yes blood is thicker than water

But our love was thicker than blood

Peace is all i just wanted

And yes am still searching for it

All i can feel right now is.......

Confusion to just sum it all

Why! Cause am wondering

Where the problem really was

As for me

We were so perfect together

For you

That i can not visualize at all

You just know

That an empire was already built

We were Unbreakable

We were Unbeatable

We were Strong

We were Perfect

Have you ever experienced a heartbreak before?

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© 2019 Leah Gregory


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