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Couple in Love

Priyabrataa is a freelance writer for more than 3 years. He writes on all topics including lifestyle, food, fashion etc.


Romantic couple

You know who you are
You are the shadow of my life
I think you were a stranger too,

When I did not know myself,
When I found my love for you,
Abandon lost in true dreams,

I met your loved ones
I spent every single moment away from sorrow,
The guru I lived in,

I stayed away from him,
I don't know what you learned from me,
But this heart learned a lot from you,

The reality of dreams,
Breakdown of reality,
Truth of life,

And heartbreak,
Now what more can this heart tell
You are trained in love and worship

Go today my sweet life you are sweet
Not of this heart, you
You are the sweet creation of the one above,

It was not a compliment,
My heart is just a story,
Maybe I have a reason to bow my head,

You always don't need me to tell you this,
You never wanted me with such eyes,
This heart was yours

I did not have any right to life,
But the restrictions will be better than the principles,
You told me more than this time,

Like the gold that would mould in the mould,
Should I be cast like a mould in which to live,
Because you are not the mother but you are the last breath of life,

Go to reality today,
You are with all the edges of life,
These words are not my feelings,

Otherwise, what are you waiting for,
You are the secret of my smile.

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