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Love Feelings Inside Our Heart

Priyabrataa is a freelance writer for more than 3 years. He writes on all topics including lifestyle, food, fashion etc.

Feelings of love

Love feelings

Steals time

Year from life

There is no news either.

And after all

Time is spent

From our safety

it is said

Mirror lie

Does not speak

But he doesn't even say that,

That which is true today

That tomorrow

Will not be true.

Age will be stolen

From the lines of the face.

Tell the truth

So everyone is a liar,

Is crazy

Fingers of hands

When the fingers are stuck,

Ear to ear

Install earplugs

We are in the dark of night

laying on bed,

When "you...get"

Gonna listen to the song,

Just the same moment is true.

When I say

This song kills

And you sing that song

Whistle in the same rhythm

Start doing

So it seems.

What is the time also

Who steals my year.

Lies mirror

That age is spending

I am still the same

With grunt steps,

Holding the archangel in your hands,

Hold heavy eyelids

Took eyes

And you are the same

Waiting for me

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