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Love but Sometimes- the True Words..

Updated on November 1, 2017

Some people had said,

some good about love,

if it is true it will make your life,

but too much love will be sweet poison,

not often thousand times it happens,

only one time a true love came and it opens thousand doors of happiness,

there is only love who make you stand to fight,

there is only one pleasure that is love for life,

until you think it will happen,

without any warning it suddenly happens,

some find and some get ultimately but the true love always happens with luck,

no money no gain,

only a poor is not beloved also,

some spring and winter season passes but love always remain there for life,

forever you remember the person you seek the person you find,

only a true love can attract happiness,

no pain realise in this sweet pain,

sometimes pain and sometime suffering,

but love sometimes happens.


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