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Our Secret Love.


Walking down the road to the river,
A beauty queen I see,in her hour glass shape,

She smiles at me and I almost fall to my feet,
Charmed by her beautiful smile, my heart beats,
Like a prince on a first night ride with his knight,
Draw my heart closer to fight for his lover's dream,

The goosepamp feelings, write my body all,
Like the tattoos of little Lily,
Marking the symbol of love at first sight,
The river witness our frequent meetings,
And the fish, fly by to seal the tale of true love ,
Never to be broken or brought to an end.

She whispers her sweet words of love in mine ears,
Deep in me they travel and bind the feelings of my soul,
In the middle of the night, her voice, calls on me ,
Telling the moon to draw us up together without tears,
Of missing the one so close yet far away.
And love binds us all forever and always.

The sunny Sunday weather makes it all cool,
She introduces me to her other blood, her father and friend,
His doubt for mine love, makes him hate me,
She cries in moon, day and night, And food not eaten,
The crystal love starts turning grey in colour,
Until the prince, leaves his favourite colour of love.

With the fading light, they start it over in a different
Place, the place, where the sun never sets,
And becomes part of their love, in life and reality.

© 2021 Millicent Okello

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