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Love and Wait

Priyabrataa is a freelance writer for more than 3 years. He writes on all topics including lifestyle, food, fashion etc.


Waiting for love

We have decorated the moon for you too
We have also knocked for you.

We have also woken up firefly at night.
We have your shadow every watch.

Every watch, every watch
Just let everyone know your address.

We have made our eyes with just one hand.
Neither saw day nor saw night

Just we made you sing
Now come to that watch, you

There we put our guard
Even in the dark of night,

Only got light
We have blindfolded,
Made my glasses

Whatever book I open
Have found only your written on every page

We have erased the memory of every warmth for you,
Just on our lips,
Your name has come

We have only heart
Banged for you

Come visit me now or else
We have given our life to you,
The last anecdote