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Love and Romance in Past and Present Eras: Examinations of Both

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Once upon a time, love was a byproduct of simplicity

Of the youthful persuasion as two people discovered each other

Learning to understand what made them tick and laugh

Sure, not all marriages had staying power and their beginnings

Weren't entirely so humble in the viewpoint of a metaphorical shotgun

Short version: the wedding came at an unexpected rate

Pushing up the timeline for if, and when, a couple should get married

The 1950s had a stiff upper lip of tradition that came and went thankfully

Where gender roles were carefully formatted and planned out

Men ran the show at work, while women kept the home fires going

He was a detached gentleman who liked to drink away his feelings

Had flings with various women in secretary pool to spice things up

Women pushed vacuum cleaners around instead of confronting them

Repressive air so thick that the children could feel it

Hoped that their parents would get divorced to break the cycle of coldness

Always stuck it out in a point of obscene toxicity

1960s and 1970s were eras where love was free and cost nothing

1980s came with some severe medical consequences

Flashforward to present day romance where nothing was swept under the rug

Men and women could say what was on their minds and in their hearts

Not entirely sure the other party was willing to listen though

Women were able to get out of the kitchen and act like their male counterparts

Still some disparity among the sexes that made no sense

Sure, the battle of the sexes will always be going in some form

Thought it would be nice to get some respect at home

Romance now came in spicier forms and often skipped subtle courting

Often went right away to a level of physical intimacy

That many would often wait to achieve after a few dates

Nowadays, love usually came as a last resort

Once everything else was explored physically and emotionally

2020 brought in a time of exploration that could be fun and risky

Seen enough Dateline episodes to exercise certain level of caution

Still secretly prefer the old form of chivalry where men held doors

Pushed your chair out before you sat down at a table

Held your hand as a sign of affection, which meant a lot more

A simple gesture that showed you were more than a good time girl

That's all women and men want in a relationship

Someone to laugh with, love and go through the between stuff

Wanted a modern day Gene Kelly to come sweep me off my feet

Teach me to dance in tandem with them as we took the next step

That's all anyone could ask for.

Come on, let's dance!

Come on, let's dance!

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