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Love and Politics

How can I demand what I can’t give
I’ll separate myself in two if I do
The hypocrite and the saint
One was born of a complaint
The other wishes upon a fire
Would the world let me live
If my perfection were only true?

I can only think of the one I love
Can I treat her like the night ahead
I don’t want to live with restraint
I’ll be scarred, revealing my taint
When all life can do is conspire
I want to say I know how to live
I’ll let you know when I actually do

I can’t ask anyone to trust in me
Why put them through all of that?
They’ll see through my war paint
Peeling, the life behind me, it ain’t
The one I bring, it makes me tired
I’ll carry you with yours, I’ll let it live
Even if it hurts, my politics says let you

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