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Love and Poison

Writer and a poet. Most poems were lyrical. A dedicated writer with published ebooks on a social media platform.

Love and Poison

Happiness! Does it matter?
Love! What it can offer?
Loneliness! Man must conquer?
How long they'll shed a tear?

Freedom! When will they meet?
It's been a long road to wait.
Peace! Does everyone wants it?
Does anyone sees it?

War! It's been their passion;
Bullets rain for how long?
Will the sacred one stop the chaos?
or the horned man succeed his plan?

Love's became anyone's poison;
to fight for beloved nation;
Bravery destined their faith;
Does anyone's faith can save?

Missiles and jets up on the sky;
Innocent people have been died;
Poverty had risk thousands of lives;
Literacy grows for the young.

Love and faith need to connive;
Poisoned thoughts must set aside;
Stop war and save mankind,
as God wants from the start.

© 2019 Makatang Pilipina

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