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Love aka Indifference

Elijah was never in love before writing "Love" as a new born child now reveals this enlightenment of what love is spiritually.

The Poem

Love, a word which cannot be defined,

not what you do but a frame of mind;

yet it does create an effect

few are ever able to reject.

It does not build empires by setting boundary lines,

neither does it stake out claiming things as mine.

It's not selfish to any at all,

not to rich nor poor, nor great nor small.

It's not bias in any light,

not to red nor yellow nor black nor white;

but it does make every living thing your brother,

spirit your father and the earth your nursing mother.

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

The Enlightenment

“Love, a word which cannot be defined,”

It was not definable by me then but since writing those words my loving has revealed to me it actually means “to give respect to everything equally and without attachment or overindulgence”, thus, it can be and is defined.

“not what you do but a frame of mind;”

Loving provides the lover with a frame of mine that liberates both, the lovers and loved, by putting them in the difference between the “judgmental adjectives” and “called unconditional love.”

“yet it does create an effect”

An effect on the lover making them want to neither clings nor rejects but respects the very existence of all people and things equally.

“few are ever able to reject.”

It matters not what the recipients are they all will return a respect to the lover and people often times will contemplate why does such a difference vibe come from them.

“It does not build empires …”

Since empires are usually built by forcing others to surrender to the control of a military’s aggression and done with force, it generally causes resentment.

“by setting boundary lines, neither does it stake out claiming things as mine.”

The only time someone who loves places a claim on anything is in the moment they are using it, the moment they walk away or put it down it is its own property as seen in most ecological beings.

“It's not selfish to any at all,”

As said, love claims no person, place nor thing, which is an act of selfishness.

“not to rich nor poor, nor great nor small.”

It doesn’t allow for classes to exist, there are none superior or inferior to lovers and they recognize a purpose, although not always knowing what, for everything.

“It's not bias in any light,”

At some time during the material half of the earth’s cycle each of the four ethnics are world rulers.

“not to red nor yellow nor black nor white;”

Each was/is at one time one of each of the three lesser statuses to the lion or “king of (the human) beast,” its prey as a calf, who will cause one to flee (Eagle) and accepts the other as a lesser (human) than itself, which means it is all about karma and not classes.

“but it does make every living thing your brother,”

Earth, as are our bodies, is a conglomerate of living entities consuming one another to maintain themselves and the environment that our life-forces have once been.

“spirit your father and the earth your nursing mother.”

Thus, THE spirit or energy, called god, permeates all of us and is our father with the earth, that feeds us, is the mother of all her children who are one on the others interdependent.

On the other hand …

… human and woman’s concept of love is not love at all, it is lust. Lust is caused by the opposites' attraction from their being “removed from” man. The reason? The prefixes “hu” and “wo” means “cut from man” for the hu and “woven from man” for the wo.

The most common basis for those definitions is the “Garden in Eden” metaphor where an operation removed a rib from man – man meaning “minds able to comprehend all things” – left both the man from which the woven/human were woven/hewed incomplete “minds unable to comprehend all things.” That separating metaphor represents the “Yang” in one and the “Yin” in the other was left dormant to create the magnetic effect of opposite attraction because of the inactivity of the dormant attribute being the basics for lust. That metaphor is a metamorphosis of how man were made to live every attribute of man, the two genders and woman's attempts to be both by physical means, four ethnics and all combinations, the twelve eastern Zodiac signs or Tribes of Ishmael and twelve western Zodiac signs or Tribes of Israel, to know first hand why everyone does what they do. However, they will not comprehend until a reversing morphing called “born again” integrate the knowledge of them into their consciousness’.

Those words were defined by a hu/woman who didn’t realize the metaphor does not reveal how the hewed from man learned about the operation so they defined those terms as genders rather than the incompleteness of the two. Thus, only the “reborn” individuals will actually comprehend those terms’ meanings.

Feel free to leave a comment or question me.

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington, DC USA on March 26, 2019:

Thank you, Tamara, from the accomplished poet you are I feel honored to receive the complement.

I have always felt that what we call love should not have attachments nor rejections associated with it so some ten years after writing it I changed the title to reflect the only word I know to mean it, thus the aka indifference.

Tamara Yancosky from Uninhabited Regions on March 26, 2019:

This is a most lovely poem. Beautiful!

Robert Sacchi on September 22, 2018:

A nice poem, good explanation. I like the video. Thank you for posting.

Elijah A Alexander Jr (author) from Washington DC on January 30, 2018:

Threekeys, by my understanding of Isaiah's "virgin birth" "grace" allows one to eat butter [man's civilization] and honey [environmental living] to refuse good or evil, thus, "grace" is the right to do (with objectivity) anything which is not harmful to others, therefore, you are never without grace but one must be willing to accept the consequences of their investigating's.

Elijah A Alexander Jr (author) from Washington DC on January 27, 2018:

Thanks for stopping by, Manatita, however, my definition of "try" means "to put forth not intended to achieve the goal" everything else is worked or working to achieve therefore I will accept your statement as achieved by my effort. LOL

manatita44 from london on January 27, 2018:

The poem is quite nice! I like it. Simple but effective and sweet. The style is not bad and you have tried to be explanatory but succinct with your prose. A Noble effort.

Elijah A Alexander Jr (author) from Washington DC on January 26, 2018:

Thanks for dropping by, Threekeys.

Unconditional love can't be obtain until one has gone through the metamorphosis returning us into man again. Generally, most people only accept the attachment of opposite attraction and don't even thrive for unconditional because we don't know what it requires.

threekeys on January 26, 2018:

I enjoyed the poem you created Elijah.

I used to work towards unconditional love but life squeezed my life too tight for too long which narrowed the broad shoulders I carried. That meant I couldnt be as generous in heart and so striving for unconditionality became acceptance of conditionality with hoped for moments of grace.

Elijah A Alexander Jr (author) from Washington DC on January 25, 2018:

No, Charlie, it isn't scriptural who does not actually "reason with what they read" as Isaiah 1:18 demands off us if we want to know the meaning of what is written. Isaiah also said (28:9-10) the inspirer of the scriptures will then teach us how to comprehend all things. You get no argument from me.

charlie from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans on January 25, 2018:

cute but clearly not scriptural

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