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Love Yourself

Medini is a writer with a huge passion for poetry. She has been writing poems for more than 10 years, with many of them published.

Everybody is beautiful

Everybody is beautiful

Body Positivity- Let us all embrace our bodies and rejoice in them! Every single one of you is absolutely gorgeous and perfect. Never let anyone tell you otherwise :)

Too fat, too skinny,
Eat more, eat less.
As long as you're healthy,
There's no need to stress!

Too dark, too fair,
This colour won't suit you.
Really? Well, we don't care,
Our skin is beautiful, and yours is too!

Too short, too tall,
Wear this, not that.
Height is a number, that's all,
You're perfect, that's what I'm getting at!

This is not a competition,
Let's support each other.
Let go of the inhibition,
We're all in this together.

-Medini Rajan

© 2020 Medini Rajan

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