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Love - What a Coincidence!

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Fall in Love


Someone said a word of love to you

and you consider him to be in love.

Your heart is so eager

to accept someone as your own

You don't even want to think

that those two words of love

were just normal behaviour

Or was it really serious.

It can be a foolish to take

any coincidence as a thoughtful step

And this mistake may have to be paid dearly.

It is astonishing to know

how it is possible that without meeting anyone,

he may know and fall in love!

How is it possible

that without meeting anyone,

he will get to know me dearly!

In youth, such a thing happens,

the desire to connect with someone

and tell him his mind is so intense

that he considers the introduction

even with a very slight friendship.

Without seeing anyone,

he gives his heart.

In stories and

such things seem to be

very romantic,

based on this,

to sit in love with someone so much

that it becomes a question of life and death,

is utter foolishness.

And, such idiocy can turn life into a curse.




BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on April 17, 2021:

Those two little words carry alot of weight.

One should not toss them around Freely...if their heart is really not there.

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