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Love Tripping Away

The time has come to watch her go
It was always going to be her choice
Our love lives where the summit echoes
Now her life needs its own voice

She planned it before we met
It was where the sun rises
While I watch it slowly fall
Carrying kisses of different sizes

Long and short, enough to remember
The love waiting sending its sign
Will there ever be a day the same
The planet is round but time is a line

Straight away watched a life close down
But I was only changing my point of view
A memory that is stronger than thieves
Nobody can take away what I found in you

As she said it I knew it was true
When I return you will belong
Desire that will lift our bodies
And love that will always go on

Come back to me more than a picture
You’re not a tourist in my heart
Neither halfway around the world
Listen hard, talk softly, travel is an art

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