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Love Taste Sour

Every has experienced love and pain, sometimes a mixture of both.The question I ask myself is what to do next when it starts to taste sour?

Love at first


Love Taste Sour

Love, we know is sweet at first.

Love is fun and kind, never anger and forgives.

Love is patience, protective, trustworthy and kind.

And you wish it will never end

But once the Love wind changes direction

and it becomes unfamiliar and unwanted

Love becomes bitter, half filled with anger,

two sided road to chose from, either to let go or stay ,

wishing it could all go back to normal.

The love you once wrapped yourself in

Now chokes the life out of you

And drives you crazy.

You wished never to have shaken hands with that love

The one you saw as love

Made Love taste sour.

© 2020 Josephine Anane

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