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Love Takes Time


A trendy topic for a poem about love on todays generation and how eager they are to fall in love.


A guy likes a girl.
The guy is quick and gets the girl.
Their feelings are all over the place.
And quickly exchanges i love you's.

Todays generation are so eager to grow.
So quick of their minds to be mature.
So quick to say I like you.
So quick to say I love you.

When trouble comes in the relationship,
They are so quick to decide to end things.
When things doesn't go the way they planned it.
They end things.

We see teens heartbroken.
We see teens crying over someone.
So you see,
The quickly you get the person folks,
Is also how quickly you lose someone.

Just a reminder that not everything must be rushed.
Loving someone takes time.
To have someone love you and your flaws takes time.
Love takes time.

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