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Love Takes Over as My Ego Walks Out the Door...

Kim Johnson is a wife, mom, scientist, writer, dreamer among other things. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and is a Chemist in NJ.


I will listen to my Sufi book and not dig up the seed

I will nourish my love for life, banishing this need

My yearning to be better, my fear of not being good enough

My soul is warm my heart is big my ora is not rough

I welcome you into my world I have plenty of space in my heart

Love will consume my entire being love will be my art

I will breathe until this negative voice is released and goes away

This cloud of torment and angry words will have no more to say

Time will pass and I will be here standing strong with my love

Handing it out to souls in need help them rise above

To conquer our fears and achieve our purpose is why we must listen to our hearts,

We all have a purpose of being born we all have missing parts

We are all connected through the cosmos we are all affected by you

Every move in a moment in time can change what we will do.


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