Thrash: Love Story of a Broken Heart

Updated on December 5, 2017

Still remember the day

your glittery eyes on me

on me only

all the time in that shop

where I was just a thing for all

you make me alive again

you seems true

love feels true

I heard you

Not pricious but priceless to you

I felt the same way

You brought me home

Introduced me

It felt great

we spent great time

I was with you day and night

your time was my time

you let me saw this world

away from those glasses of that shop

Your journey became mine

mine became yours

Oh those difficult times

rocks, sands, stone and water

we faced together

once you let me in to your soft bed

I still remember

when your mother scolded you a lot

I love those days

but with time

what happened to our love

Once, you skipped to bring me with you

then again it happened

I waited, waited and waited

bad thoughts haunted me again

am I not that attractive to you?

why law of attaraction comes with beauty

your ignorance became my pain

and then

that day came

when you brought me with you

in the same shop

same sparkle in your eyes

not for me but for another

more or less like me

with similar taste

you left me there

thrashed and distorted

left with your new charm

to begin a new journey

with your new footwears

It hurts deeper

an unhealed scar

to one's heart

when your love

never look back

© 2017 Richa


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