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Love Spoke To Me

A software engineer whose passion is spreading wisdom and beauty through the art of writing.


Love spoke to me.

Love spoke to me of fragrant flowers blooming
from the dead promises of the distant past,
It spoke to me of rainbows,
Of hopes, dawning from yesterday's dolorous cries,
Of heroes, whose names engraved in the tomb of atrocities and injustices.

Love spoke to me of a dazzling light
Piercing the haunting shades of crimson skies,
Of beginnings, springing from the void of oppression
It spoke to me of nebulas
Of dust, forming new worlds of possibilities.

Love spoke to me.
Of confettis, made of humble rubbish scraps,
It spoke to me of lively dances,
along with the rhythmic cycle of hurt,
Of singing birds,
harmonizing the unending music of loss

Love spoke to me when life seemed to lose its worth.

© 2020 Juan Marcus Puentas

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