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Love & Seasons

Vinod is an MBA in healthcare systems who loves writing of a wide range of subjects from romantic poetry to international geopolitics.

This is for that special one in your life whose mere thought is good enough to make you forget all the problems in the world.

The rains have passed,

And it’s winter to arrive,

Endlessly gleaming sparks,

I see in your eyes.

The day we danced into the rain,

As little droplets falling for the stars touched you,

They lit up the bottom of my heart,

Which unmistakably belongs to you.

After winter, it’s going to be autumn,

Oh gorgeous one, for you my affection is solemn,

That is what I am unable to account,

It is what I am unable to fathom.

Throughout these seasons,

There haven’t been any boundaries,

Between you and me,

Musical has become the air around us,

One can only feel it,

But one cannot see.

I shall admit that,

If you decide to move away without me,

Probably I’ll cry,

Probably I won’t survive.

I’ve averred it before,

I am averring it now,

Without you, I’ll be like the one without a shadow,

A part of me you’ve become,

It seems so…!

© 2020 Vinodkumar Meena

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