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Love Poem #1 (April 15)

I write, read, crochet, sing, and play musical instruments. A sucker for learning.

I haven't been with the love of my life since April of last year. I haven't held his hand nor spent time with him even just for a few minutes. I am missing him so much these past few days because we're going to have our anniversary soon.

This series of poems is dedicated to my Cyril. God knows how much I love him and how much I want to be with him. I want to be able to touch his face and tell him, "I love you." I pray that I would still be able to do that when that time comes.

I miss you when the clock strikes 6 a.m.
opening my eyes to sight of early morning rays
feeling the empty bed with the smell
of my lemon-shampooed hair

I miss you at noon
going back home and leaving the mad sun for a while
thirsty and hungry
and neck boneless of sleepiness
I search for you in the images engraved in the leaves

I miss you most at night
when the lizards and crickets make noises
Alone and lonely

My bed personless of you

No memories for us yet

Just you and me for now

You and me and this longingness

© 2021 Denise Joy Padilla

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