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Love Part 9

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My Late Mother's Photos Transition

In the 1960s

In the 1960s


This is written in remembrance of my late mother, Deaconess Felicia Ogundare who though in pain, physical and psychological, but kept on living against all odds.

However, when she felt the power of love has dwindled she has no reasons to fight death again and after reascertaining her husband's love (Elder Richard Ogundare, my father) for her she slept in the Lord on 18th June, 2015.

It is my believe that one or two readers of this article will equally find these observations applicable to them (or may have passed through similar thing) when they see their loved ones yet hanging on to life against all odds because of the power of love and or remember the loved ones who hang on to life to see them because of the power of love and would die in their arms afterwards after knowing they are dying on their lovers arms.

Thank you.

In the late 1980s

In the late 1980s

Deaconess Felicia on her left is Ifeoluwa (last Born) and on her right is grand-daughter (Iyanu) In the early 2010s

Deaconess Felicia on her left is Ifeoluwa (last Born) and on her right is grand-daughter (Iyanu) In the early 2010s

Power of Love 4

Let the weak say "I am strong" so says one

Of the ancient prophets in his poetry. This shows

The power of love at work in the life of anyone

Who though weak says "I am strong"

A one time feeble persons when they find love and

Are genuinely loved by the person they loved

Discover that their weaknesses disappear

Because of power of love working in them and

Shall say "I am strong"

Though the health of somebody who is in love

May be failing yea falling apart but the power of love at

Work in their inner person makes them strong

Therefore the utterance "I am strong"

People may be pitying them because of the physiological

Changes noticed about their health, but power of love makes

Them have no regrets whatsoever, thence the rhetoric"I am strong"

Though physically their mien may reveal sorrow because

Of the pains and anguish they are passing through but in their

Hearts they have indescribable joy because of power of love

In them yea they say, "I am strong"

Pain as hard as it tries would not be able to snuff their

Spirits out of their flesh because of power of love for they have

Reasons to hang on - their lovers - therefore they say "I am strong"


What kills the weak easily is not the pain but knowing

That the person they loved and trusted no longer loves nor trusts

Them, this makes the power of love die in them and

They see no reason to hang on to life again nor to

Say, "I am strong"

Outsiders utterances and beliefs have no serious

Impact on them but their lovers utterances and beliefs

Have impacts on their hearts, keeping them strong

Or pushing their minds to state of unconsciousness

Even before it happened thence they say "I am strong"

When outsiders see them they cannot but

Marvel at the changes on their erstwhile frail

Bodies and failing health, wondering what

Is it still keeping them alive even against all

Odds but on knowing that it is power of love

At work they also say yea they are forsooth strong

When and where there is synchronization of

Love in the hearts of lovers, balanced love in

Their hearts, death will flee though weak in

Body however power of love keeps them alive

Thence they continue to say "I am strong"

Finding love yea being loved back by the person

One loves keeps hope and faith alive in feeble

Bodies because of power of love, therefore

They will say "I am strong"