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Love Part 8

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Individual storms of life differ. Period and types of storms differ. While passing through this phase people notice lovers dispositions to storms. Their dispositions push people off while for some their dispositions draw people to them even during the storms of life.

I write briefly on what I noticed in lovers with power of love in them while navigating through this phase.

Power of Love 3

Power of love makes lovers pass through

What all of us cannot but

Pass through on earth without complaints

What each person has been ordained to pass through on earth

Is storm. Individual's storms of life differ but by

Power of love, Lovers pass through such as if things are normal.

Majority complain, lose their character and dispositions to life

While passing through storms of life, but because of the

Power of love, Lovers relatively maintain their estate at this juncture

Outsiders and those not affected by storms would think the

Storms have ceased after they had patiently observed Lovers

With power of love for a while in this position looking relatively unruffled

However, continuous observation would reveal that it is not

That the storms have ceased neither been stilled nor abated.

But what has happened is power of love in them, has made them

Focus on their lives, their love and other essentials of life

Instead of weighing down their hearts by the immediate events

These kinds of Lovers know by the Power of love that

What they are passing through is a phase that will pass

Because everything that has a beginning will surely have an end


Before they get to their ends, they know by such power

That they 've got to maintain themselves, raise their heads

High in that position, to control the situation instead of it controlling them

Those without this power in them at such phases have been

Controlled by what they are passing through such

That they have lost it all, lose their characters and attributes

People who lose their characters while passing through such phase

Because of lack of power of love have shown how weak they are and

When the phase be passed people would not want to rely on them again

Power of love makes Lovers better even when they get to the

Other side of storm because they passed through storms and

Storms passed through them given them vast experience

For the moment and the future

With all thine gettings get this power of love

The preacher cried because it is vital, needful for

Your daily activities.


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