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Love Part 7

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To live a life of fulfilment on earth, one cannot do without love.

It however becomes a wonderful experience when lovers discovered that they are loved by the people they love, the equation becomes balanced, no friction.

Thanks as you read this short work.

Power of Love 2

Lovers who had once lost all hopes

And had been living like dead while alive

When power of love gets to them they come alive.

Power of love gives life

To erstwhile lifeless

Beings of sincere lovers

Power of love is amazing because

It works miracles

In the lives of lovers

Some call power of love magic wand

That should be worn by

Lovers all over the world

This is because the miracles wrought

By power of love in hearts of lovers

Look like magic to outsiders

In a demanding situations

When the heat is on

The power of love cools the nerves of lovers


When things are disordered and

There is noise and tumult

Power of love brings peace to hearts of lovers

Lovers murmur not, stop fierce agitation

Like others without hope

Because of the power of love at work in their hearts

Waters, oceans, seas and rivers

Are successfully passed through

By lovers who allowed power of love in their hearts

Power of love makes lovers to walk

On the surface of waters

As if on solid ground

Neither does fire of antagonism has effect

On lovers nor flames of oppositions kindled

On their bodies because of the power of love

The voice emanating from the power of love

Is all that lovers needed to silence troubles

Manifesting in their lives, weighing them down afore