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Love Part 6

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...



As power is vital to everything in life, this writer is also writing something on what he believes power of love makes happen in the hearts of lovers who has in them this enabling force.

Thank you.

Power of Love 1

Power of love brings

Inner joy against all odds

And seemly difficult situations

Power of love makes lovers

Live a contented life while

Others around are complaining

Lovers ain't complaining nor grumbling

Because the power of love has made

Their love to fill each others lives and hearts

This infilling love that is sustained, promoted

By the power of love gives no room

For other things in their hearts - Bickering, Nagging


Happiness that is associated with

The power of love in lovers hearts they

Can't explain and it amazes outsiders

Lovers feelings may be toyed with by outsiders

And their hearts weighed down but when they

Are by their lovers, power of love gives them uncommon relief

When passing through troubles, trauma

And pains, power of love

Relieves their hearts of all

The heaviness which are like mountains on

The hearts of lovers are leveled by the

Power of love that has inundated their minds

To lovers, all curves yea bends on their

Paths are seen as straight line because

Power of love straightens all bends in their hearts

Rough paths are always viewed from

Optimistic point by lovers because

Power of love gives them strong faith in each other

What outsiders called mountains are

Called stepping stones to greater heights

By lovers who have power of love in them.


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