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Love Part 5

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Since childhood days i have been exhibiting the talent of writing but couldn't be developed,this site and Internet have helped to develop it



Unexpected odds arose to lovers in love, questioning and threatening the love inside of their hearts.

For their love to continue they need to overcome those odds.

Sometimes, their inbuilt possessions may not be enough for this until the power of love be in them, then they shall overcome those odds and forge ahead in their love.

As the labor of fools wearies

Everyone because they do not

Know and they do not want to ask

They present themselves as Superior

Hiding their foolishness under the saying

Of "they are trying"

Rejecting the wisdom presented to them

By those who know because they do not

Want people to see their weaknesses

Nor to look down on them

Therefore, they keep putting wrong

Foot in the right shoes in

Every of their undertakings

Wasting their time and the times

Of othets who are looking upward

To them to come forth with solutions

Fools are like insane person

Nakedly walking on the streets

And whom people told that he is naked

But renouncing and fighting them

Saying he is not naked

But laughing at those people

Telling them that they are the ones

Who are naked and need clothing like

He is clothed.

To this insane person, rags

And figs of leaves on his body

Is the best clothe, gives best covering.


The same is the effect of a spirit

Not backed up by what would

Keep it on against all odds.

What backs a spirit up is

Called power, therefore spirit

Of love without power of love is nothing

As we know that a strong tower

Or strong hall without pillars

Portends danger for anyone there

Spirit of love without power of love

Is like a child without supports

Of mature minds, especially parents

For they are those who will instill

Knowledge in the child support him

During turbulent moments through

Their words of counsel, comfort

Among other consolations that

Would be offered the child

A child lacking this may though

Scale through some difficulties but

Not without sweats

Which may not happen to those who

Do not lack such support during

Their developmental phases in life

Power of love to spirit of love

Provides the needed force for love

And its spirit to forge ahead