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Love Part 4

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Since childhood days i have been exhibiting the talent of writing but couldn't be developed,this site and Internet have helped to develop it


Introductory Words

Nearly all if not all love at the first signal appears feeble. Like other weak things that we know, this feeble love will look as if it won't live to see another moment.

By and by the lovers weathered and overcome the initial things that nay be a threat to this nascent love and it continues to grow.

This sustained love in the hearts of lovers have something backing it up, hidden from the physical.

The thing backing it is what I start writing on in this article making some illustrations for clarifications.

Thank you.

There usually is a power that

Backs anything progressing on earth

Indeed the firmament are nor exempted

It worth stating that spirit minus power

Is like vessels without liquid inside

It will be full of noise

When rolled on the floor

Again, any spirit that is devoid

Of the associating power to back it

Can again be pictured like a cloud

A cloud that formed in the firmament

Changing the initial appearance of

The weather, hiding off the sun

Hindering the sun from discharging

Its normal duties, duties of providing

The needful energies to the plants

To enaure it carries out the function

Of manufacturing glucose for the

Plants and producing oxygen for animals and humans

The role of warming the bodies

Of living and non living things

Would be inhibited by the changes in climate

This associated changes would

Result in winds blowing, gently at first

And subsequently increasing

Thereby making merry the hearts

Of some people among humans

Especially farmers, trusting that it will soon rain


While the animals and people

Scampered to their hives, holes and shelter

While some take refuge under a place

Away and protected from the torrents

Of the rain. But ironically they discovered

That these they have in vain done

Because their much expected hopes have

Been dashed, the reasons for which

They have scurried to their respective places

Have not come to pass

They have abandoned what they

Were doing in vain

Nothing could be more painful than that

Leaving one's position and estate for something

That eventually never comes to be

Such is what happens to

Animals and humans, when they

Eventually find out that clouds that formed

Abinito has disappeared without a rain

Something akin to this, is the

Position of a spirit that lacks

The energy yea the power backing her

Therefore the spirit of love has the power

Of love backing her up, else it will

Become like empty vessels making noise

Like empty vessels attracting people by its noise

As humans hate disappearing clouds

That do not leave rain behind

So humans hate spirit of love without its power...


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