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Love Part 3

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Introductory Words

The world is not static, it is dynamic in nature so is love. However a love that is not dynamic would be full of problems.

This short work talks albeit in brief on progressive love.

Thank you.

The progression of love on earth

Gladdens the hearts of all and sundry

For of gives all inhabitants of the planet

Called earth reasons and hopes to live

The progression of love by individuals

Can be equated to the vessels into

Which fluids are being poured

Whether the fluid is dropping into

The vessels in a droplet fashion

Or the fluid is being poured.

In as much as the vessels

Have neither been cracked

Nor having leaking points

A point would be reached

At a particular period that

The fluids being dropped into

The vessels will occupy all the

Initially empty spaces of the vessels

As the one time "vacuum", of the vessels

Continue to receive dropping

Fluids it will soonstart overflowing

This overflowing fluid will start

Flowing to other parts of the

Room where the vessels are placed

As this progresses the fluid

Will get to other things within

The area

This is how a progressing love is

It will touch living and nonliving objects

Within the space occupied by the vessels

If the dropping fluid did not cease

Then those things the fluid

Gets to will sooner than later

Be overwhelmed by the fluid

As the laws of cohesion and

Adhesion comes into play

Things will change

In the area for all

This love will spread from humans

To other things, especially the

Animals thereby making them to

Also have reasons for which they should be alive

The progressing love is a beneficial

Love to all - Living and nonliving things

Yea animals and humans.


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