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Love Part 11

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Introductory Words

Sometimes we know our enemies but on many occasions we do not know who they are nor where they are.

The enemies we knew of we can avoid, but it is not easy avoiding enemies we don't know of and they are those who do great harm to our wellbeing and development.

I have briefly talk about how the power of love saves lovers from unrevealed yea unknown enemies

Power of Love 6

Power of love is the strong weapon thay the

Lovers use in Sabin themselves from enemies

Without and within

Lovers with power of love who know their enemies

Can easily watch their backs not relying nor

Resting on the pillars of those enemies even

When they promised heaven on earth.

For those lovers with power of love know that

Anyone who does rest on the pillars of known

Enemies would fall and their destruction will be massive

Power of love resting on the senses would therefore

Inhibit them from putting their structures on the

Pillars of known enemies

It is however a different ball game for lovers who

Do not know their sworn enemies, those lovers

Are those who are delivered and saved by the

Power of love in conjunction with their unity,

Singleness of mind


It is the power of love that saves lovers from

Unrevealed enemies who lovers have rasted on

Confided in and shared one's future ambitions with

As the unknown enemies plot evil against lovers

Their set snares would be escaped from by the

Power of love, Lovers have been employing

After escaping the hidden pit dug for them,

Power of love will rest powerfully on their

Hearts of the need to take additional

Precautions even from their supposed friends

As lovers do this in the power of love taking

Extraordinary precautions while dealing with

Everyone then confusion hits the camps of the

Hidden enemies thinking their secrets have been


As they tighten more their girdles of love in the

Power of love the hidden enemies become

Uncomfortable and would not be at ease

Interacting nor mingling with them

Power of love protects from fowlers snares,

Shields lovers from enemies making them deeply

Subsumed in their love than relying on outsiders

Whose dispositions to them they are not sure of...