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Love Part 10

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People optimally perform at their work places when there is power of love overshadowing their spirits and souls.

But people without this power of love though may erstwhile be the best will become shadows of themselves.

I have again write on how this power of love helps people to live and work effectively and efficiently even where others have fled from.

Power of Love 5

People who do not have power of love in them

Cannot successfully work nor live in the

Atmosphere of hatred yea hostile environment

To successfully work at an environ one needs

Peace of mind. It is when one has peace of mind

That one will flourish like trees planted by the riverside

At one's workplace. Lovers with power of love

Always have inner peace

Therefore when people are resigning from offices

And moving out of places that is full of

Hostilities lovers with power of love will neither

Resign nor move out of such places but will make

Use of the opportunities there.

Intriguingly they become successful at such places

Not because they don't feel the impact of hatred

But because they 've overcome those by power of love

In them.

The inner peace provided by the power of love

Is the fuel that keeps giving them energy to forge

Ahead where they are to the chagrin of others


This motivating factor, power of love, keeps making

Them do exploits at such area moving the establishment

Forward and carving a niche for themselves.

An adage in Yoruba land says, if the home is not sweet

The environements not exempting workplaces

Will be like wilderness or graveyard. It is power of love

That makes homes sweet.

Whenever and wherever the home is sweet, the

Environment will be fashioned to one's taste because

Of the joy and peace derived from the power of love

It is noticed that people without power of love

Even the best of environment looks like hell to them

Which also makes people wonder the kind of person they are

Living successfully on earth, making impacts

On earth, one needs this power of love to be

At work in them.