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Love: No Equal Under Heaven. Sunday's Inspiration 29, to my Esteemed Friend, Linda Crampton

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

On Love

"Love hides in the stillness of flowers,

To give beauty to the Heart.

Shedding our aches to the light zephyrs;

Flooding the soul with supernal Joy." - Manatita



Love: No Equal Under Heaven

Sometimes, my pain is a breeze of untold

Happiness, rising up from Love. My Hearts

Ability to cry so joyfully, is not concealed, even if

The One whose solace it needs the most, occasionally

Hides Herself, like the receding sun in silvery clouds.

I was asked to do a piece once, on the agony of my

Longing. Funny, as I knew deep inside myself, that until

You came, I was barely holding it together. My cute

Shyama, You have no equal under heaven. The night’s shadow;

The dawns’ Light, all dance Your enchanting symphonies.

I go crazy for this deathless Love, bewildered by its beauty;

In Her tender kisses; inebriate states, I wander ‘round

Intoxicated, from lips I’ll ne’er forget. I wish to speak at every

Moment, as slow as can be, so the chords of my Heart quicken

With intention, whispering in stillness, this immensity of its yearning.

So what of green meadows and lavender scents? The

Blue moon; resplendent stars? Through this mundane play

Of chaos and confusion, I offer my all, at Thy lotus feet;

Whene’er You hold me close, nothing else matters to my soul.

Last night You came; sat on my breath with celestial

Roses, Your sweet smile, melting this fabric of Being.

You cascaded the magic of bemusement, putting it all

Together again. Aye, that deep gaze, those glistening

Cheeks of a thousand Helens’, mesmerizing my sight!

Sunflowers glow in the dawn of Spring, but You waltz in

Their wafts to enhance my happiness, muting the sound of

Eloquent words, no match for the Joy within this haven. Come,

My Beloved, let us recede, into this vast emptiness of blissful Silence.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 19/2/2021.

Spring Flowers



"Nature evokes a transcendent glory,

Walking the rays of shooting stars.

Pervading our breath with lavender smells;

Narcissus adorning, our awe-felt emotions." - Lantern Carrier

Light and Beauty



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