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Love, Lust and Lies


Staring at a blank space,
My heartbeat starts to race.
Caught a glimpse of yesterday,
And memories i have to pay.

I made a coffee that my soul craves,
With one sip, I remembered your taste.
Sweet, strong and addicting,
Enough to send my walls breaking.

I shiver with the thought of your lips,
Running through my skin, under and over the sheets.
The gaze you gave while on top of me,
With those eyes, Love's shining so free.

Those were the days i felt so loved,
But for me, its all just lust.
The burning desire of your naked sight,
Made me crazy and forget what is right.

But no.. I don't love you,
All i crave is what you can make me do.
With you, i feel free,
Seemed i can do everything and just let it be.

And so i think of you with coffee in my hand,
Letting those memories flow in my mind.
I'll pay the price of letting you go,
Bear the pain and just let it so.