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My Love for You Is Like a Rainbow: A Poem About Love and Rainbows, Colours and Spectrum

Rainbow Love

Love Is Like A rainbow

Our love is like a rainbow

Endowed from heaven above

A multi-coloured spectrum

Born of sunshine and rain

When my love is far away

Lonely tears traverse my face

And a sunshine prism rainbow

Comes to brighten up my day

When I gaze upon a rainbow

I smile and think of you

And morning mist through sunlight

That calms my stormy soul

Our love is like a rainbow

A kaleidoscopic dream

Nature's enchanting palette

Coloured joy and happiness

With our feet firmly grounded

And our heads among the clouds

We need no buried treasure

Nor shimmering pots of gold

With you right here beside me

Our rainbow has no end

With arcs of vibrant colours

We'll never feel subdued

But should darkness descend

And leaves us sad and blue

We'll cry a double rainbow

Together, me and you

Our rainbow love forever green

Will never wither and die

Always steadfast ever true

We’ll stick together like glue

Then walk into the sunset

To reach the other side

Of orange, red, and yellow,

Violet, indigo, and blue

Our love is like a rainbow

With many colours and hues

Its beauty is beyond ever you will find

If love is like a rainbow

Always shiny bright and new

You're the sunshine; I'm the rain

I am surely blessed with you

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