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Love Like a Butterfly

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


She came to him,

like a lovely butterfly,

as graceful as a swan,

as loving as the sunshine,

on a summer’s day.

She seemed to flit, to fly,

her feet never touching the ground,

along with her she brought,

wonderful memories

and love as sweet as honey.

For awhile he thought,

she was but a dream

and it took his breath away -

each time he saw her.

Their love was wonderful and real

and he hoped this time,

love was here to stay.

She was like a butterfly.

that comes and goes ,

according to the seasons.

That first spring,

he saw her blossoming,

as the sun became warmer

and protected her from the spring rains.

By summer their love was in full bloom,

they seemed to drift along -

through the hot, summer days.

In the sultry, star-filled nights,

he loved to see her,

bathed in the golden glow of the moonlight.

When the first winds,

of autumn began to blow,

he saw her begin to shiver.

Like a butterfly,

that knows its days,

are numbered.

He kissed her and loved her,

he promised to hold her,

all through the cold autumn rains

and the freezing winter snows.

But his butterfly longed to stray,

she needed the warmth of the sun

and he had to stay behind.

Their parting was bittersweet,

but like the rare rose she was,

that she’d come round again,

come flying back,

when the southern breezes,

began blowing

and spring was in the air.

© 2020 Gypsy Rose Lee

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