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Love Is The Aim


Love is the aim

Messages, Snaps

And a long waits

It ain’t no game

But Is love with aim.

Early morning, and

Midnight messages

Not to chase

But to fill our empty space


Because love is the only aim.

Waiting for days and


Am I losing a piece?

Or it is just my beliefs?

I am okay with all my defeats

As for me,

Love is the only aim for our release.

Beat of oceans

Words by heart, and

Music of soul

I am hypnotised a whole

With zero control

As for now,

Love is the only goal.


How can I forget about your fake refusal

And talks all causal


Have I told you about my love unconditional?

There is nothing about it usual

Let me make it to you visible

So we can love

And be loved

As our aim is to love

And be loved.

Beautiful cherry blossoms and

Quite night

But the night when I will call you mine

And the night when you can’t decline

Our love will shine…

You ask why?

Because from the beginning

Love was the only aim of mine.

- Srushti Gamit

© 2022 Srushti Gamit