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Love Is Not Too Intensive - a Poem

Be Patient


If You Want Your Life Back You Must Believe In God

"The world is not enough to carry me.

I am not travelling the right way.'"

These were my concerns when I started to drink.

These were my feelings when I started to take drugs.

I know I was not a fool.

But drugs made me fool.

Liquor made me arrogant.

I lived with those items which were my friends.

Because I was a cheated person by love.

I was suffocated.

I was deeply irritated.

I lost everything when she went away from me.

So I started these habits.

I never looked at the side of my parents.

I never thought about my brother's emotions.

Yes, I was selfish.

Everyone is selfish.

But ,everyone said, " the time would come for me to realize the truth"

It came to my life.

That day was special for me.

Life does not depend on a girl.

Life does not depend on drugs.

Life depends on faith and hope.

And my God helped me to bring strength.

So now I feel I am okay with my emotions.

I'm coming back to my life.

Everyone would pass through these circumstances.

But what you should understand is that everything has its own time.

Be patient.

Blessings will come.

Never lose your hope.

Understand the present

Leave the past

Forget the future.

You can live here with God

Trust him always.

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