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Love Is All Around

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All We Have To Do Is Feel It

Why do we try so hard?

To run away from things that makes us proud

If love is that easy?

Why don't more people talk about love?

They are scared of the emotions that that are not sure of

When you are close together

You have to have a connection

When you talk about things that bother you

You have to have trust

As you communicate more you expose more

Leaving yourself vulnerable and open

Taking the chance

That your special someone will understand you

If you are able to let your guard down

You can also experience the most wonderful experiences of your life

Sharing a passion that is unmeasurable

Being there for someone in all areas of their life

It is easy to be with your lover when things are going well

When they are tired and confused it is even harder

Other times when they are at their worst

Lonely and afraid

Sad and hurt

It takes real courage to be there

To give them support and reach out

Showing them your love is not decreasing but increasing

Being there with your hand ready to hold

Listening to their heart and soul

We need to make a call to passion

Not just today but all through out our lives

Love is so much more than two sexy bodies in the buff

It is compassion,respect,support and continued care

That over time will become your greatest joy

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