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Love Hexagon

Mary Florence has been a freelance writer for over five years and she enjoys writing articles on general topics.


First, there was Paul.
He did not seem like he wanted her at all.
Joan said she met him on Twitter, and that when they finally chatted he made her eyes glitter.
But he did not make a move and she had to ask him out.
And when he said yes she thought of everything to make him want her but she did not know how.
Love was being elusive.
She sought advice from her friend, Genevieve.
Genevieve adviced her to let him go,
that if she wanted him she had to let him know.
But she was scared that she would push him away.
And with time she learnt to keep the feelings she had for him at bay.
Although deep down she knew that Paul was the one,
and she wished she had a magic wand,
to make this one man look at her with love.
But she knew the fantasy of being with him was all she will ever have.

When she was getting over Paul she met John.
As she sat at a certain cafe all alone.
It was in the afternoon and it was not a busy day.
A man walked in and said "hey".
She looked up and smiled at him.
She responded and felt the lights go dim.
She liked the man he saw.
She wished she could know him more.

"I'm John", he said. "May I sit here?" he asked.
And just like that in her heart his name was marked.

That's how the story of John and Jane started.
And the relationship between them was good when it lasted.
But things went up and down and they broke up.
At 32 Jane could not find a man to give her singlehood a wrap.
She was getting fed up.
She just wanted to give up.
Give up on love and relationships.
But she really wanted to feel a man's lips.
Days went on and on,
then one day she met Tom.

Tom was a very handsome man.
He said his mother was Angolan.
Joan met Tom on Facebook.
When she saw his face the first time she gave his profile a second look.
She knew she had to send him a friend request.
He on the other side accepted the request with a lot of zest.
And on and on they chatted till late in the night.
Joan was sure this time she had it right.
"This must be the man for me", she thought.
She hoped that they would work things very well until they tied the knot.

So after some few weeks, Joan and Tom eventually set up a date.
He was on time but Joan showed up a few minutes late.
It was love at first sight for the two.
She felt as if all her dreams had come true.
And as they parted ways that night she went home a very happy woman.
And once again she felt he was the one.
But after that one date she didn't hear from him again.
She called, texted and sent him messages on Facebook but all that was in vain.
She went into despair.
She felt that life was very unfair.

At some point of our lives we all need some romance.
We need someone who will make our hearts dance.
It doesn't have to be something very complicated like a marriage.
Just anything that lifts your heart from a wreckage.
Eases your burdens.
Leaves you less laden.
Keeps you delighted.
Keeps you feeling good about you and your partner being united.
And that's why even when your heart gets broken,
you should take that as a new token.
To go out again and meet someone new.
Someone whom you hope will stick with you.

That's why when Joan met Eric she could not say no.
This man Eric, was anything but a bore.
She made him laugh.
She fell in love.
She loved him.
She thought they made a good team.
Until one day Joan got a phone call.
She did not know the caller at all.
The caller did not seem to know her either.
But what she told Joan made her soul wither.
She said that she was his wife.
Joan was shocked because Eric had never talked about being with anyone else in his life.
She said they had two children together.
Joan at that point wanted to hate her.
Although she knew it was not the wife's fault.
At that point she decided that their relationship must come to a halt.
Eric confirmed that indeed he was married.
He requested her to not be worried.
He said they were getting divorced.
Joan kicked him out of her house and told him she did not want to be involved.

She missed being with Eric but she had to let him go.
He was a great guy but he already had a home.
She needed someone for herself alone.
She did not want to be his secret whom no one should ever know.
She knew she could be better than that.
And so she knew she was not going to block prospective partners from her heart.

When she met Peter at a club she knew it was just for fun.
But with time she held on too tight and Peter had to run.
She was 32 he was 25, he did not want to commit.
She wanted to commit but Peter knew he could not do it.
So Peter was soon gone.
And she was all alone.

Once again Joan was single.
But her spirits were up and she still wanted to mingle.
She had some few casual dates.
She was not going to let her singlehood go to waste.
Then one day she met a man who was interested in something serious.
Joan thought he was being ridiculous.
But he managed to woo her,
until Joan decided that they could try being together.
He was a good man.
She once again thought he was the one.
She was happy at her luck.
His name was Mark.

Mark was a serious man.

A serious man with a serious plan.

They soon started making serious plans for a wedding.
She felt as if her heart was going through some mending.

But sometimes when things are too perfect some people get bored.
They feel like at any point they could be at the end of the road.
Joan was getting bored of her relationship with Mark.
But she still wanted him and did not want to pack.
It was nice.
But it lacked spice.

So one day Paul called - she did not turn him down.
They planned to always meet in town.

John texted and he asked if she would like to meet up.
She said yes and always showed up.

Tom responded to her Facebook message and asked her if she would give him a chance.
She said yes and they even once went to a dance.

Eric called her saying he was finally divorced and asked her if they could try again,
she went out with him even though she was still in pain.

Peter asked her if she would like something less serious
yet exciting.

Although her hands were full she agreed because it was very tempting.

Suddenly Joan was in a hexagonal relationship.

She was smart and none of the men knew she was kissing more than one person' s lip.
In no time she started feeling that her body was changing.
She went to the doctor and told him her body was paining.
Her waist was growing bigger.
The doctor burst out into laughter.
He told her she was pregnant.
She was pleased that she was expectant.
She was pregnant and turning thirty three.
She was going to celebrate with a shopping spree.

Then she became worried.
She wasn't married.
Who among the six was the father?
Was it Paul, John, Mark, Eric, Tom or Peter?

She hoped the father would be Mark.
Mark was the best among the pack.
It was raining men in Joan's life.
But she had to say goodbye to all of them and be Mark's wife.

Mark was happy to learn that Joan was pregnant.
He told her he was going to grant her anything she would ever want.
They got married.
Joan was still worried.
She did not want anything to matter,
but who really was her child's father?

Joan gave birth to a girl.

She named her daughter Twirl.
Mark was excited.
He seemed to have everything he ever wanted.
But Joan had a lot to wonder,
she really wanted to know who among the six was her daughter's father.

So when Twirl turned two, Joan set out to find out the truth.
She knew she had to be a bit shrewd.
She had to find the right samples to find out the paternity.
This was all she needed in entirety.
She did not want to involve anybody.
She knew this was a secret she could share with nobody.
She picked enough samples from the men and had them tested.
It was costly but it was worth her investment.
When the results were out she was eager to know the father.
It was Peter!

Her marriage was picking spark.
There was no way she could tell Mark
She thought she could live with it.
But she was burning within.
She knew she had to share the truth with Peter.
She just felt she had to tell him he was the father.

So she told Peter.
And he seemed excited about the matter.
He insisted that he wanted his child.
Joan regreted and wished he was wild.
That he would not want to be in his child's life.
So that she could go on being a perfect wife.

The next day she called Peter again.
She was hoping she could convince him to stay away from the baby and that the call would not be in vain.
But the person who picked was not Peter.
What the person said made Joan shed a small tear.
Peter had the day before been in an accident.
And he had lost his life in the incident.

There and then without regret,
Joan smiled, looked at her husband and promised herself to forever keep Twirl's paternity her deep secret.

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