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Love Has Spoken

Both Physical and Verbal

Two bodies who are meant to be a match

Each life that extends and overlaps

A passion that grows from down deep inside

The simple smile you never try to hide

If it is late in the day or early morning

The strong will of two people

Bringing the sweetest moments and our personal best

The lovely touch of one hand against the skin

Where all secrets are out in the open

A reassuring smile

Followed by a comforting hug

The deep pleasure of all my senses off the charts

Both of us taking turns talking

As our words stick like glue

To all that we have done and accomplished

When I am the most vulnerable

I am also the most giving

When another day has ended

My eyes hesitate to close

Thinking I will miss out on something

Only to realize there is so much more

When we open our hearts and the kindness rushes forward

Only to make us happier when other people are happy first

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