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Love Has Made my Memory Fail Today. A Dedication to Ruby Jean Fuller

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Resplendence of the sun


Mary, The Mother of God


This poem expresses longing … ecstasy for the Absolute, the perennial Source from which all spring, live and have their Being. Some call this Consciousness … Spirit … Self, Allah … we in the esoteric world and God-Souls of the Highest, generally speak of it as Love.

Love is that all-pervasive Silence … (Existence, Consciousness and Bliss), projecting Itself from the deepest Absolute, to sound … form … time …what we know as Creation. It is the same One Source, not two, manifesting in myriad ways from the Highest to the lowest and back again, the same infinite stream.

There are three kinds of poets. The ordinary poets, the great poets and the Seer-poets. The Seer-poet envisages the infinite, acting as a conduit or beacon; a stream of God through which the beauty and grandeur of Her realms can be expressed …if.

The Seer-poet enters our hearts with a vision of splendour, pageantry and Light, painting a calligraphy of flowers, as he calls “Come! Come!” Let us dance in the forest with our Queen.”

The Seer-poet is used essentially by the Divine, and he is conscious of this, weaving Love’s celestial magic to paint an abiding satisfaction; an unspoken Peace-Delight, on the canvas of the Soul.

Come! Let us fly, fly, and fly on the Wings of Love, as this message calls, calls, and calls from high above. (Taken and paraphrased marginally, from a poem by my Spiritual Mentor Sri Chinmoy).


Flames of Love


The resplendence of the sun soothes my Spirit,

Its golden rays replenishing the Soul.

Today I’m inebriated with the wine of Thy beauty,

And my Heart wants to worship,

The fresh garland of roses that You sent.

But in my sweet state of intoxication,

I blew out the candles instead.

My cute Petal, Your Mercy, I beseech.

The red flames of my longing burns with aspiration;

I see only You, where ever I turn my eyes.

I lie awake, when I’m really meant to be asleep;

Toss and turn, under the heaviest sedation.

I feel no hunger, whene’er I’m meant to eat,

And like the shot arrow seeing only its target,

You are the sole Singer, lighting up this quivering Heart.

Maestro Musician, string

The delicate strands of Thy symphony;

Let me blend, swaying and dancing,

To the eloquence of Thy lipped erudition,

Penetrating the essence of my core.

Ah! How I yearn for You, O Seamstress,

Stitching within Your immaculate tapestry,

Burning with the enchanted fire of Your Delight.

Today I’m drunk with Love,

And for whatever reason, my memory fails.

Charmed Athena, I’m overwhelmed and mesmerised,

By Your ineffable Bliss of the Beyond.

~ Awakening The Inner Light ~

The goddess of Love



Sweet Love

Snatam Kaur's beautiful melody

© 2016 manatita44

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